Throughout her career as an artist, Megan has always been inspired by the natural world and the landscape of her midwestern farm. As she hikes through the the thick summer trees along her path, there is always a feeling of being held by the forest - wrapped in greens. Megan has created scarves, hoping that the person wearing them feels wrapped in the pure and clean energy that nature provides. The distinct seasons all have their own feel - the freshness of spring, the flowers and greens of summer, the deep and rich colors of fall and the crispness and bare branches of winter.  The essence of all is truly beautiful.

When you are not wearing your scarf, please tack it to your wall as art and enjoy the softness and texture a textile

piece can bring to your home. Enjoy! 



Megan remembers the first time she noticed light. Sitting on hay bales in her father's barn, she watched as the shadows and light moved across the floor. She was six years old. Megan's love and interest of how light changes has continued since that day. 

Megan has maintained an active studio, gallery exhibition, commercial and publishing schedule for over 30 years. Her photographs and textile pieces are held in numerous private and public collections internationally.

Megan Wyeth Textiles is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.




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